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Moon Cresta 7800


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Thanks, Guys :)



If I hit the reset button the game doesn't start playing the intro music again, it just keeps playing the normal sounds.

Thank you - Found it. :) It was doing that if another sound was playing (if it was quiet you would hear the intro music again). I've fixed that. RC4 below.


@CrudOMatic: I used 320B mode, with Kangaroo off (Transparency on). I actually have the vertical resolution at 216, which is 40 vertical pixels (5 zones of 8 pixels each) shy of the arcade. I did away with the zones just above and below the score zone, the 'credit' zone at the bottom, and an extra zone at he bottom and extra zone at the top to make it fit. As far as the colors, With 320B/Kangaroo-off mode, you have two palettes with two colors each (the third color is not used). I used a few DLIs to change them mid-screen at specific places.


@rmaerz: I meant to explain the 'zone' thing to you earlier (but forgot) :( The explanation is above for CrudOMatic. Each 'zone' is 8 vertical pixels in this case (the size of he font).


@Ozma Wars: Noted (thank you)... But keep in mind, if you buy Colecovision stuff, you might be more interested in Opcode's version that he is working on. He is able to use actual arcade code in his so they are identical.




So, as far as a cart, we have:

  1. gambler172
  2. thursday83
  3. atarian63
  4. Cebus Capucinis
  5. rmaerz
  6. tremoloman2006
  7. Lord Thag
  8. jeffgamer
  9. Curious Sofa
  10. Jinks
  11. bennybingo
  12. nonner242
  13. Mayhem
  14. killersquirel
  15. swlovinist
  16. gorfcadet
  17. the.golden.ax
  18. GaryH917
  19. Guitarman
  20. Godzilla
  21. theredlineboss
  22. ozma wars
  23. purduecrum
  24. edweird13
  25. cmart604
  26. _Fandal_
  27. NML32
  28. DarthCloud
  29. purenergy
  30. HatNJ
  31. Dragonstomper
  32. jwierer
  33. streps
  34. KevinMos3
  35. Mitch
  36. atarinut76
  37. DreamTR
  38. keitaro (PAL)
  39. UberArcade
  40. evg2000
  41. Gandor
  42. Tubular Gearhead
  43. JohnnyBritish
  44. Greg2600
  45. atomickneedrop
  46. TrekMD
  47. TMOSteel
  48. rolenta
  49. Cafeman
  50. doyman
  51. Abominable Toaster
  52. fandenivoldsk

Thanks again, guys




-Fixed the intro music issue when re-started

-Changed the ship shot sound

-added the '!' to the 'RIGHT ON' message

Please note that you cannot press 'RESET' while the ship is being introduced.





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The sound effects for the bullets just don't sound like a spaceship firing. It sounds more like Carnival.

When was the last time you heard an actual spaceship firing? :P I was trying to emulate the odd sound used in the arcade ... I don't think even the Pokey can pull that one off. That being said, I will see if I can refine it.


Maybe nitpicking or paying attention to detail: when you dock successfully, there is an exclamation missing i.e. "Right On!"

I will find space for the exclamation point.




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