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Cardboard Genesis Boxes


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What games did come in those cardboard ones? Anything special? Early or late titles?


Vectorman, Sonic & Knuckles, probably Vectorman 2...I think Sonic 3 came in both cardboard and plastic. Bubsy.


That "six games in one" or whatever it was, had Streets of Rage, Sonic 1, Golden Axe, a Hang-On game, a Shinobi game, etc.

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Im sure some of you guys know about TheCoverProject. Here is the Genesis section where you can download covers/print and slip them into a case.




I've been using this site for my loose games- gotta make them take up more space :P . But seriously, the site has some excellent artwork available.



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I will say Shining Force 2 is a harder game to find in the wild. But, it can be found. WIth that....everytime I find it...some tool has taken the cover of the cardboard box and cut it to fit inside of a sega case......Rental stores were notorious for doing this....so you could take your game home in the original case....


Terrible idea Leaf...don't do it!




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My collection of cardboards consists of:


Championship Pro-Am

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Sonic & Knuckles

Sonic 3D Blast

Sonic Classics

X-Men 2


one thing to note is that with championship Pro-Am, the cart even looks different than the original release. The original box and cart was all blue, but the Midway re-release adds the red Genesis stripe to the left side of the cart and it looks different on the cover.

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My 2 cents: I would not be cutting up any original packaging for anything. I might, however, make a nice color copy of the front, back, and side panels to put into a clam shell, storing the original box away in the archives. Go to Staples or Office Max with the original box and they will gladly print out anything you want for a reasonable fee.

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I think Sonic 3 came in both cardboard and plastic.



Hah, I've got the later Majesco re-release of Sonic 3 in cardboard. The game's label is all dark and bootleg-lookin', and it's in a freakin' Acclaim shell :P Man, it looks so cheap.


The Super Nintendo had some re-releases made by Majesco as well. You can identify them in a few ways:


- Front label feels papery and is not laminated (!)

- Manufactured in Mexico

- Included manual probably in black and white

- Back half of the cartridge shell has the text molded into the plastic, instead of a label.


I wish people stopped treating the Genesis like it's icky or something. It has many parallels with the SNES (and mind you a lot of stark contrasts as well).

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There's an easy fix for that wccw mark, just go to The Cover Project (not the music site), see if Phantasy Star IV has a cover made for it, then take that thing to Kinkos or something and have them print it out for you. Genesis inserts don't really feel that laminated to me (maybe a thin laminate), so it would be pretty simple and cheap to get an insert printed out. Extra plastic cases aren't too hard to find, just grab a cheap $1 sports game in a clamshell.

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Growing up I had Virtua Fighter 2, Shining Force 2 and Beavis & Butthead in cardboard boxes and I did cut them up to fit in Genny clamshells, and personally I think they look awesome, only once you look really close you see it's not glossy paper but cardboard under the clear plastic. However when (if) you do 'butcher' them take your time, make measurements, draw faint lines with a ruler and use a ruler and exacto knife/scalpel to make clean straight cuts, don't just start snipping with the kitchen scissors, that will 'butcher' the look.


If I didn't have my cases packed away I'd take a photo and post to show you how good mine look. Granted yes, they are 'butchered' so to speak, not 'original' anymore, but I have no intent of ever selling them anyway so...

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Okay, so I was able to find my VF2 case, and unfortunately this is the most 'butchered' one, but I still think it looks great.

You'll notice a small curve on the top right front and I had to trim pretty close to the SEGA logo on the the lower right back.

I was only using a scalpel and freehanding, which is why I said above, make measurements (compared of course to a standard inlay sheet) to make sure you 'cropping' properly and use the ruler again to guide the blade to make sure you cut perfectly straight. But even with those wto flaws, I still think it looks great and would be in much more tattered shape after the last 15 years if not for the Genny clamshell. Now if only I could find my Beavis & Butthead one with which I DID make measurements and such. Unfortunately I don't have my SF2 one anymore, I loaned both it and SF1 to a friend once and all I got back was the SF2 cart with SF1 case and manual... still super pissed about that 15 years later... sure I may have kept his game, but what did I get out of it? friggin 6-Pak... ugh... at least I have SF1 on the Dreamcast Smash Pack so I 'kinda' still have a copy of it... but a cart only SF2 and no SF1 cart anymore? yup, still pissed...


Back to the pictures tho...




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