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TurboForth manual?


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Being out of the loop has me flipping out trying to find info on TF... Is there a manual available? Are we using Brodie's conventions primarily? I'm wondering where I can find a list of TI-specific words and conventions.


I'm looking for info on SPRITEs, graphics, sound, etc....

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I think Mark's still working on his book. Take a look at


The Sprite Starfield demo

The Bricks demo

The Wall demo


They all have some nice code listed. You even have the XB versions in the last two threads.


Think you have to hit the hardware address directly to create sound for now. Sound is at >8400.



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Thanks guys. I'm off to see the wizard again. Leaving this haven of Internet for a while. Wish I had more time. I'll try to get back on as often as possible.


To Willsy.... I spent the last hour playing on TF. It's a fantastic piece of software my friend. The editor is much better than any other Forth I've used and I tried out a couple benchmark tests.... This is no joke my man--- I can't wait to write some tester programs.


Thanks again for your insane amount of work man. I have this in my Classic99 now. You rock Willsy!!!!

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