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Quick times on Track and Field How?


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This may sound a little crazy, but I had a friend who used a comb (for hair) placed between his index and middle fingers (like a see-saw) and was able to get really fast times by "tapping" the comb on one end (over red button #1). The comb was one of those black, plastic types that we all used to get from school photos, etc. and was the length of the two red buttons. The other end of the comb made contact with red button #2. He was able to get consistantly higher times than just "slapping" the hell out of both buttons. I could never get the rhythm down...

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The comb was real popular. What also worked equally as well was the plastic case from a BIC pen held in the same fasion. It's funny, even today, if you come across an old track and field coin-op, the paint is literally worn away from the two buttons!!


And for the record, I STILL GOT GAME!!

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