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Thundarr The Barbarian


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Hi there everyone, as a longtime Atari fan/collector, I've put together a little Atari inspired retro action platformer using the Game Maker program.


Fans will notice the graphics lifted from the likes of Tomarcc & Crossbow but hopefully the game is an original enough title to stand on it's own merits!




Would love to hear some feedback/ideas for a possible sequel..?




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Hey all, thanks very much for the positive comments!


Sorry to hear about that unlimited lives "glitches" - I realize bugs can be part of the Atari experience but it wasn't intentional! Anyone else experience the same problem? I'll see if I can fix/remove that "feature"...


I did some digging and remembered that Xonox had originally planned Tomarc to be a licensed title - by the name of Thundarr The Barbarian! I'd completely forgotten about this Saturday morning cartoon from my youth but I guess the info about the 2600 game was buried in my subconcious somewhere... Apologies to anyone expecting to find the Xonox prototype (if it even exists) & certainly no "copyright infringement" offense intended!

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