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HSC Round 4.2: Tazz-Mania

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Control a character to clear rooms of "hoppers" using an 8-direction machine gun. Each room has a name, a unique type of monster attacking you, and the walls close in from all sides. A bonus room appears every third screen where you collect numbers for points. The Smart Bomb kills monsters and stops the walls from closing in.


Game Information

Game Name: Tazz-Mania (set 1)

Released By: Stern, 1982

MAME ROMset: tazmania

Dip Switches: Lives: 3

Chosen By: rmaerz, mr. toast

ROM Location: http://romhustler.net/download/mame/5059


Competition ends Sunday, September 4 @ 12PM EDT




1. 95,920 patbb

2. 93,080 M.A.M.E Offender

3. 91,060 mr. toast

4. 42,590 Cynicaster

5. 22,200 bigbee99

6. 22,110 rmaerz

7. 18,770 roadrunner







Season Standings

Calculations through round 1

1. bigbee99 27

2. patbb 23

3. kojr 22

4. M.A.M.E Offender 13

5. Cynicaster 12

5. mr. toast 12

7. LarcenTyler 5

8. retrorussell 4

9. roadrunner 3

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"Pull stick for instructions"


Y'know, that line... never mind, too easy.


This game is growing on me a bit. It's gotta be one of the most violently twitchy games we've played in here lately. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to tip my cabinet over by "pulling on the stick".


I'm up to around 38k, official submission to come.

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@ bigbee99 - It's a relief to hear your not really into this week's game. You massacred the last week's games!!

I just suck at this one. I gave it another run and I couldn't even pass 10k.


As far as my son sneaking in a score this, he's at his mothers this week and I'm sure they don't have any MAME set up over there. Maybe he left a score on his desktop in his room. I don't think he was doing to hot either.


He and I both enjoy Smash T.V. and this game remind me a lot of that game. But that does not mean we are good at either of them :P


I have been dusting off my Karate Champ and Metal Slug skills though.



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