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HSC Round 4.2: Tazz-Mania

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I'm starting to get the hang of this one now.


If you ask me,:


**For majority of boards, go a little below or above centre of the board. The enemies will always pop up on the side that is farther away from your location. You'll be more ready for them if you know what side they are going to come from. You must not near the closing walls or they can come from every corner except the one that you are closest to. So, in other words, stay centre low or centre high.


**Moving the joystick back and forth quickly in 3 different directions(like the Ryu fireball move in Street Fighter II) can be a good way to protect yourself if you get bombarded with enemies. This works the best with the helicopters.


**On bonus boards, bombs first, then points.


**Mowing down a bunch of guys that get pushed to the closing wall is a good way to make quick work of them.


**Take advantage of possible deflection hits as your bullets can bounce of all 4 sides of the board.


Yep. This game is growing on me like a grapefruit-sized cyst.





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