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AA private-ish forum or topics for beta testing


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I'm looking to start beta testing on my game and I was wondering if AA offers any facilities for a group of members to communicate privately to discuss and track bugs and that sort of thing. My aim is not strictly privacy, but just not encumbering any forum with such a topic of narrow interest.


I saw a section in my profile called "Tracker," but I'm not sure what this is used for. I'm fairly new to AA and have just used the main forum posting area. If these sort of features are available to paid members only, I'd be happy to subscribe in a heartbeat!


Can someone with more experience in AA offer some assistance? My main aim is to organize and manage communications between beta testers and myself, and bug tracking.




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You can have a PM conversation with several people at the same time. Just separate them with a comma in the "Other Recipients" field in Messenger. You can also add people to the same message at a later date should you find other interested parties.


Ah, that's great! I'll consider that. Thank you.

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