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"The Quest" by Jim Beck


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Was wondering if anyone on here could kindly make this game emulator friendly as it currently crashes out or keeps returning to the naming character section when rolling a character using Classic99 & MESS, it's a protected saved extended basic program which I used CALL LOAD(-31931,0) to then get a listing but not being a TI99 coder have'nt really got a clue what is causing the crash other than I suspect it's to do with disk access (which Classic99 will have a problem with saving to disk, but not MESS).


Any ideas?




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What are you seeing for the crash?


I tried it here, and it worked fine. I saved my character on DSK2 and put the image in DSK1, that worked fine. It does take a LONG time to load, though, even on CPU Overdrive.


For some weird reason It would'nt let you create a character in MESS, just kept returning to the enter character name screen.

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The problem wasn't so much a "crash" as it was poor programming style (IMHO).


The author first asks the user for his/her character name, ie, "DSK1.USER". Once the user hits ENTER, the program asks the user to confirm what was entered and immediately jumps into a CALL KEY loop. Anything besides a Y/y keypress triggered a return to the character name input.


Changing the status condition test may have also cured the INPUT->CALL KEY misfire but instead, by only allowing "YyNn", the program now patiently awaits a proper keypress.


As for the slow load time I'm sure someone could effectively squash the static data into a more quickly loading format. I would probably convert the 1000 or so integers into string representation, save the resulting 5-6 records to an IF255 file, then at game time read the string records and convert each byte of each string back to integer representation. Pack/unpack would look something like this :


100 !pack integer array into string
110 FOR I=1 TO 254 :: A$=A$&CHR$(A(I)) :: NEXT I
200 !unpack variable length string into integer array
210 FOR I=1 TO LEN(A$) :: A(I)=ASC(SEG$(A$,i,1)) :: NEXT I

* Integers must be a value between 0-255.

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