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Xbox360 Netflix Question


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Over the weekend I had my Wii fired up and was playing around with Netflix. While reading the description of a movie, I was given the option to "Watch Movie", "Add to Queue", and then noticed a box labled "Subtitle/Audio Options", which allowed you to display subtitles and pick which kind of audio language you wanted.


I didn't recall ever seeing this option before and was curious about it. So I loaded up my 360 version of Netflix and noticed that the Subtitle/Audio option wasn't present.


I'm curious... does anyone have this option on their 360 version of Netflix?




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It is movie dependent as not all movies I looked at on the Wii had the option.


Movies I looked at that did have the option on the Wii but not on my Xbox360 were:



Scary Movie 2

Invaders from Mars

Star Trek Voyager


I just thought/think its strange.




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Have you tried the option for this on the control bar. To the right, I think, of the stop/start options and all that is a "..." option with that takes you to more options, one of those is for this kind of thing when watching a DVD on the 360. That might work...


Doesn't show up when using Netflix. You can hit A and pull up an options bar, but the far right isn't "more" in the Netflix case.

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Thread about this found on another forum.




Sounds like Netflix hasn't bothered adding the option to the 360, but oddly has on other platforms.


Wow, that's interesting. Especially considering the dates on the thread.


What's also interesting is that I don't know how long that option has been available on the Wii because I can't remember the last time Nintendo required me to download a firmware update and I don't recall downloading a Netflix app from the Wii Store except for the initial availability of the program.


Maybe I'm more senile than I thought..... :)




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