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Sears Tele-games Hockey - Tennis III power adapter?


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Sears Tele-games Hockey - Tennis III power adapter?


Anyone know what one this uses, what specs or what comparable power supply I might be able to use with it? The manual is useless just gives and old Sears part # of 99732 and googling that gets me no where. There is nothing listed on the unit either. Battery compartment had some corrosion on the metal contacts and I tried to clean that up. Trying to verify if the unit is bad by eliminating the potential battery issues first.


I am assuming this was made by APF Electronics since the sticker on back lists the name btw



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Over two years later and Google still isn't much help. So I decided to find out the hard way, and fortunately I don't think I fried my Hockey-Tennis III in the process. The picture signal is pretty weak and doesn't even display correctly until I hit the reset button, but I'm assuming that's old age combined with the original design.


Anyway, I'm using a universal plug set to 9 volts DC with a positive tip. The universal puts out 900mA tops, which seems to be more than enough juice for this thing.

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does that also take batteries ? ... each battery is 1.5V so if 4 batteries 6V & if 6 batteries 9V .... trouble is the end connector is same 1/8" jack on both Atari (Sears) products)


Ebay prices can be outrageous at times but can be found on there for reasonable ....


Best Electronics has NOS Pong battery eliminators I think for ten bucks mebbe 12

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The Hockey-Tennis III does take batteries, yes, six "C" batteries in all. The power jack actually requires a barrel plug, different from the 1/8" headphone-like plug the Atari 2600 and other Sears consoles take. The good news is such plugs are easily found in universal power kits. The hard part is figuring out the polarity when there isn't any info printed on the console.

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ok 6 batteries ... so 9v DC


searching around it may be the same as the "Sears Video Arcade II" ...


from: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/197360-sears-video-arcade-ii-power-supply-help/

I don't think you are going to find the original specifically. It's a 3.5mm barrel 9v positive center. I can hook you up with something that works.


DON'T use an NES adapter as it puts out 10vAC


Sega System 1 might work (System 2 is a bit different)

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There is a good chance the Video Arcade II would work, yes. Nice find.


Of course those are a lot rarer than universal adapters, but if you have one around it's worth trying.


And yeah, stay away from the NES adapters.

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