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Candy Catcher Pre-order! Limited Text Label Version and CIB Version!


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Hey Guys,


I decided to see if I could design, program and release an Atari 2600 game before halloween that had a halloween theme to it. The game is called Candy Catcher. The game is going to have two versions release, a text label cartridge which will be a limited numbered release that will cost $20 shipped in the US. This release is now soldout.


A cartridge with manual and box which is going to cost $35 shipped in the US. This version is not numbered or limited, the list below for 50 is the amount of materials I have at the moment. If there is enough interest, more can be ordered!


After the first 50 CIB version sells out that is going to be all for a while. I'll start a wait list but I want to get all of the orders that have been requested finished and processed first. This game has gotten a much larger and wonderful reception than I thought would happen which I'm eternally grateful for! I'm single person doing this by myself and honestly I'm going to need a little break.


Please note there is going to be a delay on shipping the Cartridge, Manual and Box release as I do not have any of that stuff made yet.


The game was programmed in batari basic and is only 4k. The graphics are a tribute to Berzerk, my personal favorite Atari 2600 game. I started game design on September 27th and started programming the game on September 28th and finished the game on October 9, 13 days from original idea to completion.


For more information about the game please check out my thread which I documented its short development life: Candy Catcher (2600) a small game for the Halloween season!


And here are some screenshots of the game being played:


post-24538-0-36305000-1318131813_thumb.png post-24538-0-25835100-1318199180_thumb.png post-24538-0-95773600-1318131816_thumb.png


Finally here is the current release candidate build.


Note: You have permission to use this program with emulators and on a real Atari using a Harmony cartridge or similar device. Please do not include any version of this program in collections and please don't put it on cartridge without first getting my permission.


Candy Catcher Final Build:


bin.gif Candy_Catcher_Final_NSTC.a26 4K 0 downloads

bin.gif Candy_Catcher_Final_PAL50.a26 4K 1 downloads



Text Label Limited Numbered Release - $20 - This version is now soldout.



post-24538-0-66383600-1318132939_thumb.png post-24538-0-33925000-1319084999_thumb.jpg post-24538-0-66442700-1319173438_thumb.jpg post-24538-0-91768200-1319173385_thumb.jpg




1. Disjaukifa #1

2. DJT #2 [Autographed] Shipped

3. Brian O. #3 (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

4. toymailman #4 (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

5. NML32 #5 (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

6. Gorfy #6 (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

7. Necron99 #7 (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

8. Austin #8 (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

9. thexder #9 (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

10. gorfcadet #10 (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

11. Chris Leach (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

12. Andre81 #12 (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

13. toiletunes #13 (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

14. ianoid #14 (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

15. BenG76 #15 (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

16. jeffgamer (Paid) Shipped

17. Wonder007 (Paid) #17 Shipped

18. labrat #18 (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

19. UberArcade (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

20. Mark T (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

21. newtype5 (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

22. cowprintdog #22 (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

23. atarinut76 (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

24. Marc Oberhäuser (Paid) Shipped

25. cmart604 (Paid) #25 Shipped

26. bennybingo (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

27. Frostbite Bailey (Paid) Shipped

28. Wonder007 (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

29. cvga (Paid) Shipped

30. Rick Weis (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

31. HatNJ (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

32. TrekMD (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

33. captmorgandrinker (Paid) Shipped

34. jetset (Paid) Shipped

35. mhodgeshvs (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

36. scmor92 (Paid)

37. wiicrew (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

38. ntavio (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

39. rolenta (Paid)

40. Smada Bez #40 (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

41. Darrin9999 #41 (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

42. swlovinist (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

43. Reserved

44. CPUWIZ (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped

45. Albert (Paid) [Autographed] Shipped



Cartridge, Manual and Box Release - $35

Estimated shipping date is mid November.


post-24538-0-92556900-1318985954_thumb.jpg post-24538-0-35893000-1319903302_thumb.jpg post-24538-0-65737800-1319903317_thumb.jpg


1. Disjaukifa

2. bennybingo (Paid) Shipped

3. TrekMD (Paid) Shipped

4. Andre81 (Paid) Shipped

5. jeffgamer (Paid) Shipped

6. Rick Weis (Paid) Shipped

7. cmart604 (Paid) I

8. Cebus Capucinis (Paid) Shipped

9. NML32 (Paid) Shipped

10. atarinut76 (Paid) Shipped

11. Wonder007 (Paid) Shipped

12. Brian O. (Paid) Shipped

13. ianoid (Paid) Shipped

14. the.golden.ax

15. Gateway (Paid) Shipped

16. Marc Oberhäuser (Paid)

17. Chris Leach (Paid) Shipped

18. FABombJoy (Paid) Shipped

19. BenG76 (Paid) Shipped

20. ntavio (Paid) Shipped

21. black dog (Paid) Shipped

22. phaxda (Paid)

23. thexder (Paid) Shipped

24. Darrin9999 (Paid) Shipped

25. UberArcade (Paid) Shipped

26. ManCaveArcade (Paid) Shipped

27. bfstats (Paid) Shipped

28. allhallowseve2000 (Paid) Shipped

29. nukeshed (Paid) I

30. Madaracs (Paid) Shipped

31. Frostbite Bailey (Paid) Shipped

32. DeusExMachina (Paid) Shipped

33. ElvisAtari (Paid) Shipped

34. zodiacprime (Paid) shipped

35. cowprintdog (Paid) I

36. cvga (Paid) Shipped

37. Parrothead (Paid) Shipped

38. Adrian (Paid) Shipped

39. tremoloman2006 (Paid) shipped

40. toymailman (Paid) Shipped

41. LongTimeLurker (Paid) Shipped

42. Osmeroid {PAL}

43. fsuinnc (Paid) Shipped

44. Mark T. (Paid) Shipped

45. Godzilla (Paid) Shipped

46. Godzilla (Paid) Shipped

47. duncantoml (Paid) Shipped

48. Ledzep (Paid) Shipped





Loose Cartridge - Brian O. Label ~ $20




1. Andre81 {PAL} *Pending Testing of PAL Binary

2. Atari Dogs

3. guste

4. Galactus (Paid)

5. IntellivisionDude (Paid) Shipped



















Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoy the game.


*More Information*

  • All the PCBs and eproms are being supplied by CPUWIZ
  • All the game labels are being printed and made by our fearless leader Albert!
  • I want to also thank DJT for help with the limited edition label design, he and I IMed each other for a couple hours one day with various designs for the labels!
  • The CIB release is going to be delayed on being release because of time to get the boxes created and supplies for the cartridges, tentatively now it looks like it will be 3 ~ 4 weeks.
  • I want to thank Brian O. for what will be the standard label and box design.
  • The numbers are going to start at #2 because I'm keeping #1 for myself. Its been a life long dream to design, program and release a video game for a real console, so this cart is going to be mine as its one of my life dreams I'm getting to check off!










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Just tried this w/Stella...


1: Thanks for making the .bin available

2: What Fun! I had a good laugh, enjoying the sounds and visuals, and all-around fun

3: $20 Shipped is an excellent price

4: There aren't enough Halloween games out there, so thanks, and...

5: Sign me up, funds are ready to go!

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Hey Guys,


I think I have answered everyone's PMs, if not please send me another one and I will get back with you asap!


I had to make one minor tweak to the game that I noticed tonight in testing, it seemed I had a bug with controlling which side of the screen the robot appeared on, on my hardware at least it was almost always the right side. I've put in a fix for this and now I think the game is completely done. I'm down to 14 bytes left. To give you an idea of how little space that is, I had 4096 bytes (aka 4 kilobytes) to program this game in and I've gotten it done with only 14 bytes to spare!


I've posted the new binary in my first post! Feel free to download it and try it out!




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