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Sega Genesis HSC - Season 1 Round 1


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Welcome to round 1 of the 1st season of the Atari Age Sega Genesis High Score League!


Let's start this new HSC off with one of the best games on the Genesis!


This week's game is going to be Streets of Rage 2.


Title: Streets of Rage 2

Developer: Sega

Publisher: Sega

Released: 1992 (US)







But it's my all time favorite YouTube video game review, and is by my crazy friend, Kamino.




Play with the default settings. Do not use any continues (the score resets if you do, anyway.)



- There are at least 3 hidden lives in the game. The first is located right on the opening screen. Stand behind the mailbox in the lower left-hand corner of the screen and press "B".

- When you're thrown through the air by an enemy, press up + C to land safely on your feet.


Scores so far:

Jifremok - 730,550

Jibbajaba - 613,350

Austin - 521,410

ahuffman - 515,870

roadrunner - 190,300

HatNJ - 181,220


Current standings:



Edit: Here are some possible games that I've come up with. Opinions are welcome.


All of the Sonic games

Sonic Spinball

Fire Shark

Contra: Hard Corps


Elemental Master

All of the Thunder Force games

Crue Ball

Splatterhouse II

Ghouls n' Ghosts

Street Fighter II

Mortal Kombat



Castlevania: Bloodlines



Castle of Illusion

Gunstar Heroes


Any of the PGA Tour Golf games


Super Monaco GP (we could use lap time or race time instead of score)

Mega Turrican

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Creating a forum if it is popular/without a forum the HSC will seem kind of lame. Kind of a double-edged sword.


Anyway, thanks for your ambition and effort and Good Luck!


I personally only have a few carts and no Everdrive-MD yet, so I will be very limited on being able to play...unless you allow emulators. ( and I hate emulators so probably won't use to post score)

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There have been threads in the past requesting a Genesis HSC. If anything, I think that for better or for worse, there would be at least the same amount of interest as other similar HSCs (NES, SMS, etc). I know I personally would be interested, as the Genny has a lot of great arcade ports, the types of games that are absolutely perfect for high score competitions.

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I'll do Genesis in a heartbeat, but Sega CD and 32X are a big fat maybe.


Likewise. I feel the Genesis has enough to choose from with its massive library, and I think the participation rate for the Sega CD and 32X would be very low in the end anyway.

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Maybe down the road when we start running out of good Genesis games to play, we could have a special season that was nothing but games for Genesis add-ons, but for now I agree with Austin.


If you guys really want a sub-forum for this, I suggest that you let Albert know. I am all for it, but I don't want to push it with him. After all, he was nice enough to give us this Genesis forum already. I am just waiting for the power to edit my posts in this forum so that I can start the first round of the HSC.



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He (Albert) was nice enough to add this forum at my request, so I guess if he doesn't want an HSC sub-forum for now, that it is best to not bug him.


A couple suggestions.


Pin the current week, with link to previous weeks in the first post of the current game.


Lock previous weeks a day or so after the contest ends to prevent clutter and Necro-posting. If you pin more than the current week, the forum will become cluttered and look like a HSC forum instead of a Sega Genesis forum.

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I started the first round. I figured that maybe SOR2, being so popular, would help spark a lot of interest in the HSC right out of the gate.


You guys should feel free to start throwing out suggestions for future rounds.





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Great start with SoR 2. Coincidentally, I just got that one last week, so I will definitely be playing.

Suggestions for future rounds:

- Twin Cobra

- Strider

- Ghouls 'n Ghosts

- Altered Beast

- Revenge of Shinobi

- Columns

- Raiden

I could list off loads of other games, I'm sure, but those are some pretty good arcade-style games that work well for this sort of thing.

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HSC question:


Emulation allowed? Can I play this on my modded wii?


I have only about a dozen carts and have not yet bought the Everdrive-MD


I never played the Genesis before even dough I have 5 or 6 consoles! They where part of a package deal I got 2 years ago.

I think I will take this opportunity to see what kind of games this console have.


I also will like to play on my Wii and if I like it I might get myself the Everdrive.


Is it 2 weeks for each round?

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