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Restless II - game released


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I seem to spend an hour on the TI every now and then. Too often I detour. The usual excuse.


Now, Restless II has most of its code and data in place. In other words, I've gotten pretty far. I think I know exactly what needs to be done.


The next step I chose to take on, was "Sounds". It was easy to implement, but unfortunately the sounds were not the ones I expected. - They were recorded off of MAME using TI emulation for the Flash prototype. If I'm lucky I'll find them again. I tried and reconstruct, but something is not right.


Anyways, I got the plasma gun firing and aliens exploding at the same time. And using only one sound channel (one sound-list at a time), made it sound like Burgertime on the TI (one sound effect or a slice of music at any given time = awful). So I got multiple channels working.


Since then focus has been on other projects. Here's the cart as it stands. Shoot all the aliens, you can do it, it's easy (no dying), there's only nine levels, and you get to see the trophy. No scoring. I'm pretty much satisfied with the collision detection (plasma versus aliens), let me know what you think.



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I've been held up somewhat with something so basic as player movement control.


Now with a physical joystick you can't move both left and right at the same time, but you can with the S and D-keys and also emulated joystick using the arrow keys.


I've tested TI Invaders and Restless II (in development), and come to the conclusion that if you hold both keys (for left and right movement) you may experience slightly irritating behavior. Holding both keys happens when you move fingers rapidly between keys.



The S- and D-keys


Generally holding both keys will register as you pressing the D-key. True for both TI Invaders and Restless II on Classic99, MAME and JS99'er.


Arrow keys (joystick emulated)

With Classic99 you get the same behavior as above - holding both keys will register as you pressing the "right" (direction) arrow key.

With MAME and JS99'er holding both keys will register as "impossible" and you get no movement, the player's ship stops.


TI Invaders works with JS99'er, while Restless II does not. Restless II does work with Classic99 and MAME. And then Squary does work with JS99'er. With the latter I'm using STCR to read the joystick while Restless II uses TB.


Of course I'm wondering how real hardware works. :)

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Hold left - left

Hold left, then hold right - left, right

Hold left, then hold right, then release left - left, right, right

Hold left, then hold right, then release right - left, right, left


Hold right - right

Hold right and then hold left - right, right

Hold right, then hold left, then release right - right, right, left

Hold right, then hold left, then release left - right, right, right

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This is pretty much how to play the game. Aliens move about. Shoot the aliens, while avoiding collision with one. Here's Astro-PANIC! ... :)


Brings back memories.

This was the first game i successfully typed into my c64. :-D

While this one is good, the one i really got to liking a lot was E.D. Dragonfly.

Really got a kick out of the funny deaths, like the soldiers beating you up. :)

(Don't think it's shown in the video. Play it on Winvice and let a soldier get you. They beat you up with that stick they carry.)


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Thanks for released the game ! :D


i like a lot and it inherent addictive quality but please there is a way to stop the stars movements ?


after 10 minutes of play I feel like have nausea and i'm dizzy :(


And thank you - for your feedback. :)


Oh, well, games kind of have things moving around, - but I'll make a special version for you. ... - I guess different on screen effects can have different effects on people. Sure it's only the stars that make you dizzy? Seriously though, what about all of the scrolling games? ;)

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