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Inside an early CX10


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I recently came across a CX-10 joystick. I took it apart, and the pcb board looks different from any ones I've seen, so I figured I'd post some pics. It has the wire colors labeled, as well as a copyright of 1977. It is definitely not as reliable as the later versions with the dome contact. I think the insides shift and it doesn't make good contact.

post-30237-0-66594200-1319404034_thumb.jpg post-30237-0-40738400-1319404078_thumb.jpg

Also, I'm in the market for another CX-10 if anyone an extra one!

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They also have the Innovative Leisure logo. I have two of them. Mine are Rev. 5. It looks like yours are Rev. 4. My other 5 have the regular board. Other things to look for are different board covers(I have black and white ones), different numbers on all the pieces, the tops of the sticks(some have holes for hex disks and some don't), the wire type(some have a thick wire with ridges on the piece that connects to the controller and some have a thin wire with holes on the piece that connects to the controller), a dent in the mold(on the bottom of the controller sometimes there is a dent next to the hollow hole) and variations with the end of the wire(numbers, holes, V in diamond, Taiwan...).

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Some things look like just different part numbers for the same thing and stuff like that. I guess that other things could possibly not be original(someone put on a CX-40 wire...)


I eventually will probably get different colored stickers or write numbers on pieces of white tape to mark each part so, I know what went with each controller. That way if I'm opening them up I don't mix parts. I also don't want to get them mixed up because I want to take the best parts of each one to make one or two really good ones. When I do that I want to buy and modify some Best Electronics gold boards and find some compatible springs so, I can cut the the springs to lengths that finely tune how I want them to work.

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I'm surprised you don't think they're reliable. They're pretty sturdily built, especially compared to the cx40. The only problem I have with them is the very long joystick and button travel required, which translates to slower player response.


I take it back. It turns out all it needed was a good cleaning, now it works great. I initially thought it didn't work well because its "dome" contacts were two sided, as opposed to the later three sided ones. I think the new gold upgraded ones from Best-Electronics are four sided.

I don't mind the mushy button, and I barely have to move the stick for it to work, which is awesome, because I'm used to a short throw. Plus, I love how creaky the springs sound.

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