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Atari 2600 Boulder Dash (R) Announced!


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I don't see the harm in trying something different and seeing which looks the best on screen. I dont mind the current ones either, but maybe this will look a little bit better? It would also stop the naysayers who would say "but those aren't diamonds, they're triangles".


I presume it wouldn't be hard for Andrew and Thomas to try this if they haven't already?


This is what it would look like with multiple rows:




Now, I really don't want to get into much of a discussion about this, because this is a thread *announcing* the game will be available for Christmas. It's not an "in development" thread. The game is finished. However, I do appreciate you have taken some time to try out variations... and so to show you what your diamond looks like, here's a screen-shot of both types together. As I said, I have tried many variants -- I'm happy with the existing version.


Hmmmm... not nearly as nice on screen as what it looks on paper. I agree, leave it be and put all those who complain about "triangle" diamonds at the bottom of the pre-order list :D

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Will there be an option to buy this game cart only? Like what I see, but would be more interested in playing this game vs. collecting it. I am sure that many here are in the same position. Also, with the 7800 XM(and games) coming out sometime soon, there is going to be some tough decisions onto what to order for me. I love seeing this project finally come out, but also like when there are options for a box/no box. Just my two cents.

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I bought the Turbo release last year: IIRC it was $45 with a snazzy-looking box, a manual, and the cool authentic Coleco shell and label.


I don't want to sound like a whiner... but money's pretty tight for me these days. I'm curious as to why there is such a discrepancy in pricing. Is there a higher cost due to licencing fees, etc?


My apologies for asking, but $75 is a fairly big chunk of money for me to lay out these days. I'd like to get this but it's hard for me to justify the cost.

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It's very much a joint effort, but it would be remiss of us not to mention that the original sound system was by Fred Quimby. Thomas did a helluv a lot of work to get it working interleaved with the display kernel; for what you see here is a 6-line sprite kernel, asymmetrical playfield, AND per-scanline sound modification. It's quite amazing, really, that it's even possible. But, kudos to Fred for kickstarting it with a brilliant sound demo/system.


That title screen and music almost looks and sounds as good as something you'd see on the NES. Very impressive, guys!



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