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Elder Scrolls: Skyrim?


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Very excited about it also. Loved Morrowind and Oblivion. In both games I easily sunk over 100 gaming hours and about four months just playing that game straight. I'm going with the console version this time as opposed to PC cause my computer isn't powerfull enough, but I have both the game and guide pre-ordered and will pick it up on Sat the 12th. And only have a few days to play it before I leave for over a week to vist the folks. :)


I'm purposly trying NOT to find out much about the game either. I'd like to see what happened to the Empire and the Blades after the events that ended Oblivion, what role your character plays, and what prison he's locked up in this time. :-D

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I'm purposly trying NOT to find out much about the game either.


Same here, and I also have it pre-ordered. I didn't get the collectors edition like I had originally planned. For the $150 I didn't think it was worth it.

BTW this probably would have been better off at the top of the Modern Gaming forum, it's not a 360 exclusive.

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