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Arcadia 2001 Multicart - 2011 version - any interest?


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I want!! You already have my PM.

I replied via e-mail. Both short and long case sizes are available.

Edit: welcome to AtariAge, by the way. Plenty of fun stuff happening here, with topics on pretty much any system.

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Sorry for posting this here - I created a thread but had to replies and thought someone reading this thread might be kind enough to help out. Does anyone know the PSU specs for the Arcadia 2001 (Voltage (DC 9V?), Polarity, Ampage). I have a GiG Leonardo with no PSU, and am guessing the power requirements will be the same as the USA system.

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I get the occasional request for information on the Arcadia multicart, so here's a summary, in case you don't want to read all 10 pages...


Games included:



Pictures of the long and short versions (the only difference is the shell size):



Difference from Ward Shrake's versions:



Current price:

$100 US to Canada/USA addresses, $105 to most other locations. Shipped via airmail. Payment via PayPal.

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I know there will come a day when I will want one of these. That right moment just needs to come along when there is a reasonably priced one available on ebay and I have the money for the console. As of the moment, this may be the last console on my list of wants since starting a real collecting spree about 2 years ago.

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Does anyone have any common games for sale? I need some donor carts for a few more multicarts.


I can pay $10 US via PayPal each, including shipping to Canada. For instance, if you want to sell me 1, 5, or 10, I'll send you $10, $50, or $100 respectively.


Otherwise, send me 8 games and I'll send you a multicart.


Please send a PM if you have any available. Thanks!

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If you're sitting on the fence about getting one of these because you don't have the console yet, don't wait. I had a system, sold it, then these carts were being made. Something told me to get one while they were still being made, even though it wasn't convenient. 3 years later I got the system again and it was worth the wait. Now I see how bad most of the games are and how they're not really worth hunting down as a gamer, but only if you're a collector. If you get one of these multicarts you'll probably feel satisfied as far as this system goes and not want to go buy any of the actual games after trying them. Unless you grew up with this system or something along those lines.

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The arrival of some donor carts is pending, so in a few weeks or so I should be able to make another batch of these.


Feel free to send me a PM to reserve one.

The same price as before should be okay... $100 US to Canada/USA addresses, $105 to most other locations. Shipped via airmail. Payment via PayPal.

Details are here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/189779-arcadia-2001-multicart-2011-version-any-interest/?p=2869225

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Quick update: Assembly has started on a batch of these. The PCBs are assembled, but not tested. I've cut out the holes for the DIP switches in one long cart and one short cart, so I'll have templates for the remainder. Depending on what else is going on, I should have these ready in about a week, hopefully.


I'll have about 12 multi-carts available, although 3-4 of those are already reserved. I'll also be out of PCBs, although if there is enough interest in the future, I should be able to order some more.

One of the carts will have the slot on one side and the ridge on the other, in case anyone has a console that would fit this.

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I made a case cover for this that is designed to fit the universal game case or sized to print for a VHS box. I'm glad I bought this multicart and hope others will find this cover useful. Stuck with the standard theme including the front image. Let me know what you think!


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