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Boulder Dash(R) Label Contest!


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There's another side to why I like this; although some of the other selections are so good that they're effectively professional, this one is most definitely "homebrew". I would like to think we were genuine when we put this competition up with the claim that any entry could win.


I like that :). Congrats Andre (sorry, I don't know how to make an accent mark over the e).


Is the little square at the upper right where the top building is at a diagonal?

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Congratulations André on your winning entry! I greatly look forward to seeing your winning design fashioned on Boulder Dash cartridges, manuals and boxes! And a huge thanks to everyone who entered, we had many wonderful entries and it's never easy picking just one final selection! There are many talented artists in the Atari 2600 community. :)


I will be putting up a pre-order page for Boulder Dash TOMORROW (Thursday) morning. I'll post an announcement here as well as on the front page of AtariAge so nobody misses it!



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Dear organizers, fellow contestants and Atari-Fans,

It's about time to express my gratitude and say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all of you for your nice compliments on my label's election. My own compliments go to my fellow contestants, who did such nice labels. I really enjoyed them... some of them I found so much better than mine and wanted them to win, that I almost lost courage and didn't want to send mine in. So I bear with you if you had another favorite.


You can guess I am looking very forward to the packaging in my hand. As a collector of game originals, I have wasted too much time on auctions, that for now I have planned to get completely offline by Christmas, so that more important things (like drawing) can make up my life. A printed publication is one of THE joys for me as an artist trying to get back on track. So it couldn't have been a happier coincidence in those days of farewell, than to stumble over the contest of a favorite game I grew up with. I am happy this all took place.


I wish you all a good time of advent,

André Bolfing / Switzerland

PS: Mr. Jentzsch, Andrew - ofcourse I also look forward to playing the game! :D

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Congrats to the winner.


I was getting ready to free up the space on my HDD and flush this out the air lock but figured I'd post it. I understand the contest is over but it seems a pitty to have started something and just trash it. I just couldn't find the time to finish it up. The First Star logo was way too big. Would have probably shrunk it and used the lined from either end to go around the photo making it a boarder. Perhaps some gradient or texture to the text.



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