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Copy and paste - was: How bright is ...


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Excuse me I should have said code <> icon.

I am using Windows 7 with IE 9 on a 3 month old 1Tb Hard Drive.

So the OS is not the problem nor is it the computer. Quad Core 2.93 Xeon with 6 Gig of RAM.


Last time this happened Firefox worked fine but IE 9 and Safari did not. I posted a message to the AtariAge and it was fixed.

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How come I can no longer copy code from a link section to Classic99 anymore?


Don't use IE.


Something changed in IE recently and it does translation on the text that you cut-and-paste from a webpage. Tursi has given details about this in the Classic99 thread, a full explanation as to what is going on, and what he has done to try and work around the problems.

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Sorry but I was not picking a fight or attacking anyone or picking on anyone.


Sorry if I said something you didn't like.


Just pointed out I could not copy the text you pasted. Did not think a federal case would result.


Don't think it's a federal case, but I could be wrong. Was referring to another thread by the way.


The XB code was pretty cool though.


Thanks. First comment in the thread on "topic". Thanks again.




Doesn't take a rocket scientist to spot someone being a butt hole Karsten. Maybe you could dial it down a notch.....

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