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2012 Midwest Gaming Classic March 24-25

Retro Rogue

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Just a couple notes that I thought I shoult follow up on...


While it did seem crowded it didn't seem

as busy as a few years ago.... but maybe I was just over tired.


No, we were definitely busier. We're just getting better at spreading things out and bringing in even more content!


and strangely enough I do miss the little bags that were handed out with goodies inside like a few years back. I was really hoping/looking forward to

that little extra piece but it was cut this year... that or it was only for the pre-orders and I didn't pre-purchase my tickets this year so maybe that was it.


Nope, it was cut last year. They cost us a TON of money, and in 2010 after we spent more than $750 putting them together as well as about 20 man-hours to pack them (by far the hours being the worst thing), not including how long it took to beg people for stuff, and everyone complained about what they got in them, so we cut it. Honestly, that was an easy move for us to make. If anyone wants to sponsor them in the future (and pay for them to get made), we'd entertain doing it again, but we really don't make enough money to give away 1500 bags that people think suck or just throw away for the most part.


I guess someone didn't like the direction floor stickers that were used a few years back?


We used them last year too, but between the blue signange being everywhere -- you really couldn't stand in many places and not see it -- and the overabundance of arcade machines everywhere, we opted to save the money and not stick 'em down this year. We'll think about bringing them back next year, promise.

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