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Clear for Action


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Well, it appears that the RUN command will not accept a variable for a disk path and filename, so that makes manual boot tracking impossible. Therefore, the program will now only run from DSK1...

On the bright side, Clear for Action is now complete and for the most part debugged. It still has very slow loading times on the real thing, but is very playable under Classic 99 in overdrive mode. It ended up being comprised of 4 different program units...

I will write up the manual over the next few days then upload the game here for you guys to test out before I release it to the TI community at large.

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OK! Clear For Action is now officially finished (I hope :grin:). Here are the files and manual, and it should be run from DSK1, although the manual has instructions for patching the files for any other device. As I have stated before, this is a large program in 4 sections, and there will be a delay between 25 and 40 seconds when each section loads. This is the best I could achieve given the limitations of XB. I will be posting the program when I update the Gameshelf site on Sunday, and I would appreciate if anybody here could test out the game and let me know if I missed any bugs prior to that. Thanks!


ADDENDUM: I have updated the documentation files and corrected a few omissions. Please download the new PDF files. The program files are unchanged however.


Clear for Action Main Manual.pdf

Clear For Action Appendices.pdf

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Uranie kicked my ass. She cut behind me and I sailed right past. The end result was a boarding action and while i took out 25 of her crew my captain struck his colors..


i'll be back as this is not over - also fun to enter your orders then realise the AI has made a smarter over...you cant exactly turn on a dime here so if you make a mistake it can take a few turns to correct.


great documentation as well


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I'm glad you enjoyed it :) Don't feel bad about losing though: I have yet to beat Uranie as she is much bigger and has more guns and crew even though I programmed the dammed AI!!! How did the loading delay affect gameplay from your perspective?

BTW, I have added a few additional details to the main manual as well as Appendix B and have reposted them. One of the things the manual omitted was the fact that you cannot turn if your ship's speed is less than 48. This should help you predict the computer opponent's ability to maneuver with the next turn. Also if a ships goes beyond the edge of the action area, then it will reappear on the opposite side. It's not terribly realistic, but it was either that or having it get stuck at the border :)

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OK! Clear For Action is now officially finished (I hope :grin:). Here are the files and manual, and it should be run from DSK1


Do you have the original manuals? I have them here and they are in my 'to do' scan list. :)

I do, but my game does not follow them too faithfully except for the tables and formulas, which is why I had to create my own manual.

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