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The Saboteur - Anyone like it?

Metal Ghost

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I enjoyed it a lot. I've never really thought of myself as being big on 'large, open world' type games. Yet I've enjoyed GTA IV, both Mercenaries and now this. I have to admit that I liked the destruction you were able to dial-up in Mercenaries, and there really wasn't anything similar in this game. But I would definitely recommend this game to anyone with an interest in a GTA/Mercenaries style type of game.


You know, it absolutely boggles my mind that EA spent upwards of, what was it, $600M+ on the BioWare/Pandemic holding company, and then shuts Pandemic down inside of two years of the acquisition. I just can't wrap my head around that decision. I get that the whole financial crisis had struck in the meantime, it's not as if they don't own the IPs now, and BioWare was most likely the main part of that purchase. But regardless, I have zero doubt that the Pandemic portion was not a zero-value proposition. And for a company (EA that is) that was so hell-bent on purchasing Rockstar, primarily for the GTA franshise, it simply seems like a bad decision to shut down your developer that could most closely create games in the same genre.


Am I wrong?

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This is a game I was always curious about but never got around to purchasing. From what I've read, the game starts out in black & white then add's in color as you complete missions. True?


I think this game can be had for about $10 now and I might pick it up and give it a play.




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That's what I purchased it for during an EA.com sale a couple of years back. For $10 IMO you just can't go wrong. As mentioned earlier though, though not in love with them I do enjoy GTA games and I was a big fan of the Mercenaries games, so keep that in mind as far as where I'm coming from.


But come on, a game has to be pretty bad to not justify $10, and I just don't see that being the case here.

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