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Atari 7800 HSC Winter Knockout Tournament Sign-ups


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If you are knocked out of the contest, you may still continue to play as much as you want, from the game list, ... ! It won't count for the Knockout of course, but you will be allowed to see where you'd rank for each game and have your score up...



Atari 7800 HSC Winter Knockout Tournament



Are you burned out from the usual week to week HSC's? or are you just missing too many games! If so, work on your 7800 skills here and bring the heat this winter! FIRE AWAY, GAME ON! Do you think you got what it takes to survive the novice or expert Atari 7800 gamer?!


If you do or just want to compete, you came to the right place! For the first time, we are going to hold an Atari 7800 HSC Knockout tournament. Are you prepared? Here are the rules...



1) Each game will be posted with a time limit for scores to be submitted. As the HSC rules, photos are encourage but not required except when mentioned for the game in question.


2) Once time has expired for the game, the player(s) with the lowest score will be eliminated from the competition (aka Knocked-out) and the remaining players move to the next title.


3) The winner, simply put, is the last member standing.


Are you in?, if so, post below to reserve your space in the Knockout tournament? Are you a HSC Moderator thinking this would be cool for your HSC? If so, drop me a private PM and we can get a series of knockouts going, with the winners facing each other in a final, multi-console knockout for supreme Atariage HSC supremacy!


On your mark, get set... GAME!!!


Player List:


LarcenTyler (Game Selected)

Gorfy (Game Selected)

Jifremok (Game Selected)

roadrunner (Game Selected)

peedenmark7 (Game Selected)

Sonic R (Game Selected)

bigbee99 (Game Selected)

atomickneedrop (Game Selected)

patbb (


4 HSC's currently participating:


Atari 5200

Atari 7800



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Any idea of the games to be played? I wouldn't mind getting in on this, but only if I have the carts (I don't really care for playing 7800 games via emulation).


So far the selection of games are in a PM, and private until' the round begins...

I have decided to let each player select one game for the contest.


There won't be any sports, homebrews, or light gun I can say (to avoid emulations), so far... the most I can say is,

the games are on the more common side.


ALL GAMES ARE OF QUICK ACTION, either arcade or in that genre...

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