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tms9900 assembler broadcasting course (interactive)


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Hi guys,

since I am currently learning TMS9900 assembler and find the language and its opportunities most interesting and powerful, I came up with a crazy idea about having a regulary broadcasting featuring an assembler course, with a specific topic for each lesson, using a chat to have room for all questions and input.


I would like to get your feedback about this idea.

Is it the wrong topic because tms9900 assembler lacks a target audience today?


If there is enough interest, and no ones else wants to do the lessons, I would take the broadcasting role, even though my knowledge is still very limited, and I might do things inefficient.


My goal is not only having an interactive show with enough participants when broadcasted but have these streams avaiable along with the chat log for everyone who wants to watch them at a later point, along with a comment opportunity on every stream.



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Go for it! Who knows, there may be a lot of TIers willing to learn assembly but are intimidated by the EA manual (who wouldn't) or other books. You will probably need to broadcast at least weekly though in order to enhance retention of the material, until you have a good number of shows available.

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Perfect timing for me. I am finishing up some XB stuff that's been sitting around for, oh, ever, and was thinking about re-learning TMS9900 assembly (I know it to little extent when I had a real TI99 in high school some 1000 years ago. ;) )

you might want to download some good books on the subject from whtech or email me as I have about 1/2 dozen e-books on the subject.


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I am still in the asm learning phase myself. So it will take a while before lessons can start from my side. I have researched a little on the tools for streaming/chat. Not as easy as I thought. Ustream is an option, but the free version gives you low-res only. And you can't attach the chat nor blend it in during playback. Youtube gives you high-res but no live broadcasting option!


There are several ideas:

* a portion of the windows 7 screen that runs en ti-99 emulator - either recorded or live streamed if possible

* a video capture of a real ti-99 hardware environment that gets - either recorded or live streamed if possible

* a webcam that is targeted at a real ti-99 hardware environment - streamed


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my thoughts would be run an emulator and record what you do on the screen then add sound comments later in editing.

all done post on youtube.

then post youtube video in forum and allow people to comment and ask questions.

that way you can proceed at your won pace.

some good (and cheap) video editing software is http://avs4you.com . it's a all in one audio, video, everything package.

Anybody got a good video screen capture program (want to know for my benefit too)?

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