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Woder why this XBOX 360 won't work?


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What environment was that in to have gotten SO dusty! I had a HTPC I opened up not too long ago. Mind you, it ran like a server, night and day, so that shows recorded and I could have on-demand TV. Anyway, that wasn't a 10th as filthy inside as this thing....just the fan blades were fairly dusty.


Good luck....hopefully a good cleaning will get it back on track.

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Here it is cleaned up. The inside of the drive was just as bad as the rest of the machine. Got it back together and it works good. It just amazes me that some 360's can be abused like that and work fine while others that have been babied get the RROD.


post-28116-0-08610900-1322001216_thumb.jpg post-28116-0-91887100-1322001254_thumb.jpg post-28116-0-98511400-1322001294_thumb.jpg


Anyway, he owes me $30 and box of Q-Tips :)

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Don't open it if it is under warranty. Just use a can of air to blast the vents. You should see dust coming out the opposite vent. You won't be able to remove all dust from the unit that way but if it is not being kept in an incredibly dusty area and being run too long without blowing it out this should be sufficient.

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Ya, if it's under warrenty, don't pop it open. It's not hard to open them up if you have the right tools. They sell videogame tool sets on eBay for like $20. It is much easier if you have one of these as on the back of the machine there are multiple tabs that have to be depressed at the same time to get the case apart and there is a special tool for doing that. The tool sets are nice because they contain all the tools you will ever need to get into any system/cart ever produced. Well worth the $20 if you are into gaming.

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