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edit: nevermind, found my answer.


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Google gave me the answer I needed, delete/lock the topic as necessary.


I notice that the composite cable that my 360 comes with has a tab that blocks off the hdmi port. In an ideal world, I'd like to use HDMI for video and composite for audio, since my video device has no built-in speaker--this has not been a problem on any of my other HD systems. (ps3&onlive)


Before I render my system un-returnable by cutting that tab off, will that plan work? Is there enough brains in the system to pump out audio and video on different outputs, or should I just give up on the thing now?


Are there any other options? perhaps a third-party adapter to strip audio from the HDMI right from the system?


edit: it looks like microsoft wants to nickel and dime me out of an 'audio adapter.' Question stands about cutting off the tab. My ps2 component cable has a jack for 360 as well, so I'll start by trying that.

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