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modified MESS BWG.bin file for English weekday abbreviations


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Attached, I have modified the bwg.bin file to show the two letter abbreviations for the week in English on the TI99 opening screen. a.k.a. mo-monday, tu-tuesday etc. I just used a sector editor and modified the data statements in the file. Been using it for over a year with no ill effects.

Note: there will be an error that the bwg.bin file is invalid in MESS. ignore it. the MESS 'finger printing' fails due to the modification but it still works.

I contacted one of the MESS team and they MIGHT, MAYBE, a small chance, make it official in the future so it won't fail the MESS ROM check.

Even though I tested the heck out of this thing as a 'cover my a**', use at your own peril as it is an unofficial modification.



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