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Flashback 3 dismantling

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i have not found a problem yet except that i cant mod like i did like one of my fb2+'s. got lucky got one at a thrift store for 3 bucks and one at a yard sale for 4 bucks. what were the odds i would get 2 fb2+'s. if you dont like stiff controllers like me, these ones are 1000 times better.

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i bought one couple days ago. love the joysticks! wish i had'em years ago.


i heard about the system being "based around compact flash"? i know about the bootleg with the sd & pre release rumors of FB3 having sd slot. naturally, when i first bought mike i opened it up to take a peek inside (if you use a razor, patience, & a little hot breath, you can safety remove the sticker covering the 5th screw & replace the sticker without damage). the motherboard is far less modder friendly than FB2. no test pads or silkscreen. there's the arm cpu, what appears to be the BIOS rom, a blank spot for another prom, & a soic flash rom (presumably where the game bins reside). I've seen similar layouts on other pnp boards. the bins might be hacked for compatibility or contain special header info. i don't have the ability to rip the data. but the binaries usually can be found by comparing/grep'ing them to existing rom dumps. that being said it is probably possible to reflash any set of roms to the system, but how cool would it be to use a memory card to upgrade games / run homebrews. a cf card is parallel & functions like ata. i think it could be possible to add a cf (perhaps with addition of a mcu) to one of the BIOS rom spots or the flash rom spot. has anyone looked in to this? I'm kinda at a dead end without being able to get a bios & rom dump. also need to know which arm cpu is in there.

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That picture of the boards is interesting, because it differs dramatically from pictures posted earlier from another forum member's FB3. The general product identifier is still "AR2660," it seems, but the entire board(s) layout is different, and they've switched to a glob top instead of a fully packaged ARM. The earlier model has a "V2" on its boards, along with a date of 2011-05-18, while this one, if I'm reading through the blurriness right, has a "V3.3" on its main board and a date of sometime in July. I wonder how many of the earlier revision (which came in that E3-revealed awful, awful initial box, according to that post) were made before they switched over.



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Thanks for the pics of the internals as I really didn't want to open mine up. I agree about the joysticks and commented on the throw back when I did my own review: http://www.armchairarcade.com/neo/node/4346 . I honestly don't think this in any way compares with the 2 and 2+, which are more accurate and are moddable. However, I think, particularly for <$40, it's a great value for the new joysticks alone. It also works very well with original paddles without having to do anything special to make them work. While some of the colors and game speed are off (and one game, Secret Quest, is actually unplayable), it's still a solid selection of playable games for those not bothered by the relatively minor variances.

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