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Season 7 Round 10 - Battletoads


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Welcome to round 10 of the 7th season of the Atari Age NES High Score League!


This is the last round of the season, so it's time to separate the men from the boys. Battletoads is one of the hardest games on the NES, but it's also one of the best.


At this point, asponge just needs to win, place, or show to lock up first place. If he doesn't, bigbee99 can hop over him. Lesser standings are still anyone's game.


Since people are busier due to the holidays, I'm just going to let this round go through the whole month of December.


Title: Battletoads

Developer: Rare

Publisher: Tradewest

Released: June 1991 (US)






Scores so far:


Current standings:


1. asponge	 38
2. bigbee99	 31
3. Austin	 27
4. HatefulGravey	 24
5. SoulBlazer	 18
6. Jibbajaba	 13
7. roadrunner	 12
8. AlvinKarpis    9
9. LarcenTyler	 7
10(t). NightSprinter	 3
10(t). classicgamer_27330	 3
10(t). Sonic R	 3
13. theKLT	 2
14(t). dustfilledhobo	 1
14(t). Algus	 1
14(t). DemonoidTentacle	 1
14(t). Cebus Capucinus	 1
14(t). NE146	 1

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Half an hour till the deadline!...here's a screenshot so far, I'm going for GOLD, Jerry!...GOOOOLD!




627 250 final score...and I almost lost all my continues by going for the camera!...no screenshot, trying to figure out how to get through the jet part...can this game get any more ridiculous! That's my final score for this baby...it was a pretty good first game!...lots of dumb deaths of course, mainly in the ice level and those damn surfboards (the last set of mines...ridonk).

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atarilovesyou 627,350 +9

asponge 264,900 +6

classicgamer_27330 169,750 +3

roadrunner 123,250 +1

LarcenTyler 97,250 +1


Final season results:


1. asponge	 44
2. bigbee99	 31
3. Austin	 27
4. HatefulGravey	 24
5. SoulBlazer	 18
6. Jibbajaba	 13
6(t). roadrunner	 13
8(t). AlvinKarpis	9
8(t) atarilovesyou   9
10. LarcenTyler	 8
11. classicgamer_27330	 6
12. NightSprinter	 3
12(t). Sonic R	 3
14. theKLT	 2
15(t). dustfilledhobo	 1
15(t). Algus	 1
15(t). DemonoidTentacle	 1
15(t). Cebus Capucinus	 1
15(t). NE146	 1


Congratulations to asponge, bigbee99, and Austin for finishing in the top 3!



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