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Chip's Challenge clone for TI?


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Yeah! I downloaded Chipper's Challenge for android, and quickly loved the tile-based puzzle-solving gaming.


How hard would some mutation of this game be on the TI? For added challenge, use only 8x8 pixel tiles. The screen-updating might take a toll on performance, but I wouldn't see it to be impossible.


And please, handicaps! Like turning off timer option. Or, for the really crazy, an undo move option. heh.

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Haven't played the game yet, but Tile-based games should translate well as long as there's not too much validation going on (at least in BASIC) or compile it. I ported Bloxorz http://www.coolmath-games.com/0-bloxorz/index.html to TI Basic for one of the contests here and it was pretty performant (Bloxo-TI-z) in BASIC and a little bit better when compiled and tuned.

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