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Sega Genesis HSC - Season 1 Round 3


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Welcome to round 3 of the 1st season of the Atari Age Sega Genesis High Score League!


This week's game is going to be Ghouls 'N Ghosts.


Title: Ghouls 'N Ghosts

Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Sega

Released: 1989 (US)






Play with the default settings. Do not change anything in the options menu.




Scores so far:


Current standings:

Jifremok - 15

Austin - 12

Jibbajaba - 6

ahuffman - 4

roadrunner - 2

HatNJ - 2

mightyimage - 1

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Well, the game ends fine as it's supposed to (loops twice). It actually wigged out on me though the first time through and right before the end of the last stage, the game reset on me. This led me to believe it cuts you off for playing on easy/practice mode. Nope, most-likely just a glitch from running it on my Everdrive--I was able to start a new game and make it through to the full ending without glitching up on me.


Score at my first game-over (I kept going afterwards just to see if the game ends normally, hence the lower 1P score): 110,500


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That's what I'm thinking. Every time the topic of a Genesis HSC has come up in the past, people all say how much they want it. I think part of it may be the time of year though, as the NES HSC is pretty dead, too. Not sure what to do. Maybe hold off until after the holidays,



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