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Joust for 49 cents!


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I just bought Joust last night for 49 cents!!!! I saw the deal at slickdeals.




The whole process made me nervous but it's so worth it. I was friggin nervous about the whole process but the reviews and ratings at resellerratings were pretty high. so after you place the order, they'll give you a call within a half an hour. they'll ask you for your full name and your billing address. and then they'll process the order, and after that, you log into their web site, go to your orders, and then click on the little image to view your DLC code that you enter on your Xbox or at Xbox.com in the redeem code section. and voila!



the other thing that made me nervous is the game has been removed from XBLA because it's a Midway game and because Midway went bye-bye and there was licensing issues, a bunch of Midway games got removed including Joust. but I entered the DLC code and everything worked!!!


Joust has versus and co-op. Co-op is when one person runs out of lives, the game ends for both of you. And your score is added together.


The game looks great and plays great. I don't remember if it's arcade perfect in terms of gameplay. but the graphics were spruced up a bit (not to the point of being a modern game but better than the original graphics).


for 49 cents!!!!

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