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Battlefield 3 (single-player) is horrible!

Random Terrain

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The only good thing I have to say about the game is that it lets you skip cut scenes. In case anyone wants to know, here are a few things that I hate about the game:


  1. I installed the stuff the game tells you to if you want to have better graphics, but the game doesn't look any better than any other game I've played on the Xbox 360. If the game looks that unremarkable with the install, it must look really crappy without it.
  2. The Frostbite 2 technology they mention on the back of the box that is supposed to take destruction, scale, and immersion to unprecedented levels is either pure crap or they don't know how to use it. You can destroy a few things here and there that they point out to you, but get in a tank and start shooting buildings and other things and you'll soon discover that very little can be damaged or destroyed.
  3. Although your character isn't wearing goggles or glasses, any time you look at or near a light source, the screen looks like somebody sneezed on it (as if you are looking through a camera with a dirty lens). It ruins any 'immersion' because it's a constant reminder that you are looking through a fake dirty camera lens instead using your own eyes.
  4. This is another game where you just run from point to point or follow a guy. There doesn't seem to be much freedom or alternative ways to accomplish tasks. Although it kind of feels like you are on rails most of the time, there are places when it can be hard to know where the game wants you to run next. Sometimes you can end up starting a section over because you weren't fast enough or went the wrong way.
  5. Like a lot of crappy modern games, many things you do in this game are in the dark. I guess it's a trick to hide the unremarkable graphics.
  6. There are spots in the game where control is taken away from you and you must press B or Right Trigger or Left Bumper and so on at specific times or you have to try again. Seems pretty stupid, not very fun, and unnecessary to me.
  7. Half the time I'll be surrounded by my war buddies as I'm zoomed in, taking out bad guys, then I'm suddenly shooting at my buddies because they ran around and popped up where the bad guys were and I'm being warned that friendly fire will not be tolerated. Speaking of friendly fire, there are more than a few places in the game where it seems impossible to know who the friendlies are until you shoot them and get a warning.


This game should cost 10 dollars at the most. That crappy downloadable rip-off Battle: Los Angeles game was more fun than Battlefield 3.

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