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Atari 7800 Knockout Round 2: Food Fight


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7800 Knockout Game 2:


Our second elimination round is the arcade classic Food Fight




SETTING: Play on Intermediate/Level 1 (Default)


DEADLINE TO PLAY: This round starts Wednesday December 14th.

12:00AM (MIDNIGHT) EST and runs one week or until 11:59PM EST December 20th.

Play with 7800 System or Emulation. Any joystick or keyboard is fine!


Pics are encoraged here, however I WILL accept a no pic score.


Anyone can jump in and play a Knockout round game, if they like...

(this includes players who have been Knocked out of the tournament!),

just for fun and high score though, NOT to be counted in the contest.


You need not win, just not finish LAST! Let the battle begin...


Knockout players & scores:


Sonic R - 395,200 1st

Gorfy - 377,200 2nd

Jifremok - 360,000 3rd

Darrin 9999 - 333,400 4th

patbb - 306,700 5th

zylon - 302,100 6th

atomickneedrop - 298,700 7th

bigbee99 - 257,700 8th

roadrunner - 232,800 9th

*Zoyx - 224,800*

LarcenTyler - 198,400 10th





Eliminated players

1st round: Dig Dug - peedenmark7

2nd round: Food Fight - ?







Round 3: Game to be played: Crack'ed

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