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Atari 7800 Knockout Round 2: Food Fight


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Sonic R flies into 1st.... (on a broom no doubt)

Jifremok starts outta' the gates with a score over 300ks! Now pushed down a spot to 2nd.

atomickneedrop nearly reaching 300ks right away, and a 3rd place standing.

Gorfy about doubles his first score and climbs up to 4th.

Darrin9999 improves from 13,200 to 267,600 in just 1 days time, and a sturdy 5th.

roadrunner our early score leader, now rests somewhere in the middle at 6th.

zylon climbs out of last place, into 7th with two new personal bests to boot.

LarcenTyler is currently in 8th, though was much higher, until others improved their scores.

bigbee99 currently in 9th (second to last).


patbb with a soild score has suddenly slid into last, now on the bubble in 10th.


*Zoyx joins for kicks and scores 153,500


Though everyone has about "3 days" left to play!

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I love this game, but that instant replay feature is getting old fast


I love this game too! I remember Christmas vacation, 1988.. my sister got this and Xevious for her 7800 and we spent the whole break playing these games! These two games are pretty much the only 7800 games I am half way decent at!


indeed, the replay feature can get a bit redundant… would've been nice to have been able to skip it!

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Sonic R - 395,200 1st

Jifremok - 360,000 2nd

Gorfy - 333,300 3rd

atomickneedrop- 298,700 4th

Darrin 9999 - 267,600 5th

bigbee99 - 257,700 6th

roadrunner - 232,800 7th

patbb - 224,900 8th

zylon - 208,500 9th

LarcenTyler - 198,400 10th (now on the bubble)

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Spent nearly 2hrs on this last night after work. Played some and got 230,800 but missed getting pic. Played a bit more and got 240,100 but again missed getting a pic. Finally around 4am, I got a pic and my new personal best. :) Glad I couldn't get pics as I'd have given up before this last game.




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I will mark the timeline from now on, Tuesdays at 11:59 PM... as the deadline, 1 min quicker but will be easier to follow... and when Wednesday "hits" (eastern time zone) that means times up and the next game begins.

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Final Results for Round 2 Food Fight: Sonic R is KING!


Knockout players:


Sonic R - 395,200 1st (Round 2: King)

Gorfy - 377,200 2nd

Jifremok - 360,000 3rd

Darrin 9999 - 333,400 4th

patbb - 306,700 5th

zylon - 302,100 6th

atomickneedrop - 298,700 7th

bigbee99 - 257,700 8th

roadrunner - 232,800 9th

LarcenTyler - 198,400 10th (eliminated)


Eliminating someone is a shame, but it's the name of the Knockout game.


Round 3 is up, and now going!

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