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VUDU now available on Xbox 360


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This really kills me. I run Vudu, Netflix, Hulu and I have the option for NFL Sunday ticket on the PS3 for nothing. Zero. No gold. No plus membership. I also have no issues with speed or anything especially on a slim PS3.


Microsoft really needs to offer this for silver members soon because there are too many devices out there where you dont have to be a member-to-be-a-member to use this stuff.


I plan on NOT renewing my GOLD membership soon because I have other ways of playing games and watching movies without giving Microsoft another dime.


I also pre-ordered the Star Wars Xbox 360 unit which I was hoping would get more use out of it if they could just offer these services to Silver members. (I'm not a big Sony fan anymore anyway but this really kills me)



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Cimerians....I get what you're saying, and don't disagree. It may be because these video services are streaming through Live servers. Therefore there are infrastructure requirements, etc., to support them.


I don't know....in the end Gold membership is do damn cheap that I can't really care.


It's got to be something. I dont know.


I've moved on to other stuff in recent years and have reworked my home to stream through a Panasonic bluray player, 2 PS3's and a laptop. I dont have an iPad but I'm thinking of gettting one next year.


I really think they need to reconsider the whole Xbox live thing with the next console. I'm interested to see what they do. It seems at this point Apple can rule the world if they really wanted to.

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