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Xbox Live avatar gun items going away


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If you want to have your avatar carry a gun at the dashboard, better buy it before January 1, 2012, or forever hold your peace! They're delisting guns from the avatar marketplace.


Knowing that hoarder, err, collector mentality of AtariAge members, this is something that you should have. Gears of War obviously has guns for avatars (lancer or hammerburst? gold versus regular? decisions, decisions). Don't know about other games.

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Yep, hard to figure out where you kids are getting these ideas. Is it the video games about the guns, the news showing murders and crime all the time that really happened, or the movies you let your children watch?


These kids are all going to be push overs and sissies when this is all said and done. Can't play dodge ball in school, can't keep score in childrens' sports anymore, and can't let your kids see a picture of a gun.

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