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Pad 1.5 beta


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ATARI means you use an ATARI ST mouse in joy port 1 (so is ATARI2 for ST Mouse in port 2). Set the Emulator to capture the mouse at the right port and you can use your mouse.


Yep, what he said, the first four options are for mouse controllers (Atari ST and Amiga) in port 1 or 2, the next four are for Atari paddles.

I have not used Atari800Win for a long time, but it should work.

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Just a little "quality of life" update to this.. version 1.84 with some small changes.


The changelog is inside the "pad.asm" file as always, but basically:


- Added intro music by Miker, at the start of a level.

- Added sound effects for losing a life, for an extra life and for picking a powerup.

- Created a sound priority system for the sound effects.

- Added visual effect for the open exits at the end of a level.

- Increased mouse control min speed (at least in emulation it feels better, hope someone in real hardware can test it someday).

- Plus other small improvements.


All code included. Any feedback is welcome.


Picture with all current levels:




Small video:






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Great game.


I was wondering about the structure of the levels. In one of the earlier posts in this thread you said that it was laid out in a tree structure 7 levels deep. Is this still the case cos I was playing earlier, v1.84 in 'extra' mode, and took the left hand exit from each screen and reached screen I1, which is presumably 9 levels down

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After that post, Extra mode was added, and that is more like a "tower" with 2 levels per "floor" :)

In Extra mode you start in level A1 and have 2 options (left - right) in every level:

A1 -> B1/B2 -> C1/C2 -> D1/D2 ...


The previous modes (easy, casual, arcade) still have the "tree" structure:

1A -> 2A/2B

2A -> 3A/3B

2B -> 3B/3C


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That's a really nice Arkanoid-clone, would be great to hear about some progress regarding Project-M, though ;)

On my behalf I did my best last weekend presenting P-M 2.0 to fellow C64 and Amiga users during Decrunch 2048 party.

And guess what, they were stunned :grin:

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