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And as its Xmas, I updated the lynxdir ROM (directory) builder.


  • 128, 256, 512kb ROM size support
  • uses BLL or EPXY style directories, even in same module
  • BLL compatible headers possible, even with EPYX header
  • Troyan entry (for compatibility reason) possible
  • detects and marks packet files
  • stripping unnecessary headers
  • block aligning
  • Checksumming in loader is disabled, thus no encryption is needed
  • steering by script file for complex projects
  • steering by command line for simple mode (just one .o file for quick tests)
  • support for small internal logo if none is given in script

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AUDIN and strobe BANK switching are now included, thus allowing for 2Megabyte of cartridge space.

This can be tested for example with my slideshow creator, where a new version is available for registered users, too.

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FB68 is not an issue here. Would FB00 work better? I do not want to create problems here. I rather set the default bootloader so it works with your code.


Doesnt matter.

The replacement loader is skipping the encryption and loading the executebale, therefore emulating the two-stage loader. in the case of karris loader its loading the folowing data to $f000 and executing it.

now as there is only limited space i cannot support more loader typed than i have right now.

Anyway no-one is forced to use it, and sure, I can change the loading address, but the megapack will not run anymore.


you see, my replacement is there for two reasons

a) you can deliver it with the emulator (and therefore all old released stuff should work, all epics productions work with it as well do all BLL)

b) by skipping the decryption and title picture, loading is much faster what is nice for debugging.


PS: if your "second" stage always read an epics type entry from 203, its easy to emuklate that, and I dont care about any loadign address!

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Seems quiet some time since I released the last updates... but now here they are:


Version bump to 1.9.1


* better on ignoring empty (or close to empty) lines

* A few changes to the "default" behaviour

* a few extra checks that reduces the chances for stupid mistakes in .mak files, return error code (for Makefile processing)

** checks that at least one loader type is defined or NOLOADER is given explicitly

* automatically sets the block size and dirstart to the selected loader (if applicable), still they can be overwritten if needed

* support empty entries

* create several (n) empty entries (nice for hacking)

* improved banking support (AUDIN and BANK2)

* updates manual

* eeprom type bits for emulation

* ... and some more things I forgot


get it at the usual place

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Sorry to bump this thread, but I'm trying to get eeprom to work with Handy, and I discovered that the first step to achieve that was to add an eeprom flag (for instance EE_93C66) to the mak file for Lynxdir.


Didn't work at all until I realized I was using Lynxdir 1.5. Could not find a windows binary for latest (1.9.1) so I was wondering if there was an official release out there?


(I built latest from the source but I had to fix a lot of old function calls (strcpy into strcpy_s, etc.) to get it to compile - in any case it works and if anyone is interested just pm me).

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Ok finally got something that seems to work.


1) First you need Lynxdir 1.9.1, I'm attaching to this post a win32 build, it's a quick build/fix from the official repo.


2) Then from Lynxdir 1.9.1 documentation, a few flags are suggested for your "mak" file to simulate different sort of eeproms.

(EE_93C46, EE_93C56, EE_93C66, EE_93C76, EE_93C86)

-> it seems that only EE_93C46 works for me in the most up-to-date handy version.


3) You need the patched version of handy 0.98 from https://github.com/bspruck/handy-fork (it says 0.95 patched but it's really 0.98). I'm joining a win32 build of this version.


Now when you open a rom that actually use an eeprom to save data, a "rom-name.lnx-eeprom" file should be created on exit with the content of the eeprom.


Hope it helps :)

handy-win32-0.98-patch-eeprom.7z lynxdir-win32-1.91.7z

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