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My Atari Flashback 3 Crashes a lot on certain Games

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Mum and Dad bought me an Atari Flashback 3 as a Christmas/graduation present. I know that it was primarily bought as a way of making amends with Dad. He loves playing 2 player asteroids and Air-Sea Battle, and since I have the consoles at my house, this was a way for me to quickly bond with him after all these college years. Thing is, it's being a bit finicky. Video Checkers is a nightmare to get working, and I still haven't figured it out. Is it really that more complex than Activision Checkers?


The major problem so far is that some games tend to "hang" and crash the system. Video Pinball and the monster variations of starship will crash the system upon starting, the latter a little less predictably. The only remedy I've found is to simply restart the system, or to start Video Pinball before attractive mode starts to cycle into the dark brown and greys. If I don't, half the screen turns into vertical lines of garble.



Has anyone else seen this? I can't seem to "fix" this. Do I have a defective console?

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