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Classic Gaming Expo '12 Announced!


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They're back at the Plaza hotel? I haven't gone to CGE since 2000/2001! Plus downtown Vegas is pretty cool - the Fremont Street Experience is fun to watch and I loved the Garden Court Buffet next door at Main Street Station. Where else could you have enchiladas, egg rolls, and French toast all in the same meal?

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I am so bummed. :(


I had plans on going to this (never been to one), but I was informed at work today there are blackouts in taking time off for the entire month of August because of a new system being put in August 1st.


I *really* wanted to go to this one, in fact I already bought weekend passes. :( Had plans on releasing a new 7800 game there. :x


I hope there will be one next year :ponder:



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OK - Had a talk with my new boss today, and he told me not to cancel any plans because it's only for a few days... So I just spent a few hours on the phone with PriceLine and Southwest and I got (most) of the fare for my tickets back (I didn't know they keep track of cancellations - something like a cancellation credit).


So, I'm finally going to a Vegas expo. :D

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It's in Vegas = I'm not going. Again. It was so nice when it was in the bay area. If I'm going to travel in order to go to a video game expo, it's going to be to go back to PRGE.




I would love to see you make it up and PRGE is not a bad second choice! It will be at the convention center this year with way more room, better HVAC and an arcade area bigger than the whole show last year.

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