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Problems with an Odyssey 300


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I bought my first pong console today, it was complete with everything, and it outstanding shape, like it had barely been played. The price was right so I picked it up, however I am having issues with getting video. It did not have an adapter, (I think they did not come with them,) so I hooked it up with batteries. Now, I have no problem with the sound, it comes out loud and clear, however I cannot seems to get anything to show up on screen. First I tried using an old analog TV, hooking it up with the antenna spades, but no dice. I remembered I have another compatible RF switch and tried that but again, no luck. So, I tried using a coaxial adaptor and hooked it to a newer CRT, but again I cannot get the picture to show. So I am at a loss as to what is causing this, the PCB looks fine but I have not inspected it too closely yet and I was looking at the proprietary jack and I can;t tell if something is off, as I have never seen one before.


I can try and get pics up later if necessary..

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