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I am a pending member on the Intvprog list and have been for a while now. There is no rush, but does anybody know the moderator or how to contact them? I have tried the emails listed on the site but it has been a while. Thank you very much.




This is Joe. I and Frank Palazzolo are the group moderators. There's a non-zero chance we didn't see the authorization request come through. That said, I don't see any pending membership requests on the INTVPROG Groups page. It may be possible we granted you access and the response went to your spam folder. Or, the request may have timed out.


Frank and I are usually pretty prompt about granting (or rejecting, in the case of spammers) new membership requests. (If I'm travelling, as I was this last week, I might not be so prompt.) If you odn't hear from us within a week, it's probably a good idea to ping us via email.


My email addresses are intvnut at gmail dot com and intvnut at yahoo dot com. (I preferr GMail to Yahoo, but I read both daily if I'm not travelling.)


Anyway, go ahead and request membership again if you indeed weren't granted membership. And feel free to ping me separately via email so I know it's you. Sorry about the delay!



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