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Hi guys


By a show of vote, who would like scans of the following:


Introduction to 990 Assembly Language Student Guide (TI 1979). If I can recall correctly the TMS9900 is a scaled down version of the 990. I have some other guides that cover the DX10 operating system, COBOL, Pascal and Basic. lol. I could scan that in as well..


The Macmillan Easy Home Computer Series: The TI 99/4A User's Guide by Bill Brewer. 1983, Pumpkin Press. I will find out if I am allowed to do it.



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Hi Pieter


I would also suggest you post at comp.sys.ti as there are few TI Mini folks that check in there from time to time, such as Dave Pitts (if I've remembered his name correctly) who wrote the TI Mini emulator (complete with DX10 emulation).


You'll find comp.sys.ti here: http://groups.google...p.sys.ti/topics





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