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Genesis Knockout HSC Round 1 - Truxton


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I am basiucally starting the Genesis HSC over again, as this HSC is going to participate in the AA-wide knockout competition.


The cool thing about this is that the winner of each knockout tournament will enter into a grand championship tournament to crown the high score king of Atari Age!


See the rules here:




Basically whoever gets last place gets knocked out of the competition. If you fail to submit a score, you are automatically knocked out. If you don't think that you will be able to consistently submit scores, maybe it's better for you to skip this season. The tournament will end when there is only one player left standing.


Whoever gets the second-lowest score will pick the next game. If no game is picked within 24 hours, then I pick. The only rules of game picking are that the game cannot already have been played this season, and the game must keep score (duh).


There are no "sign-ups" for this tournament. You sign up by submitting a score for this round.


If you get knocked out, you can still compete in the Genesis HSC, but your score will not count towards the knockout tournament. So I'll be posting 2 sets of results for each round.


The first round game is going to be Truxton.


Title: Truxton

Developer: Toaplan

Publisher: Sega

Released: 1989(US)




No cheat codes. Standard (default) game settings.


This round will end on Sunday, January 29th.




Scores so far:


1. Jifremok 442,750

2. Austin 435,700

3. Sonic R 434,800

4. swlovinist 210,220

5. zylon 192,260

6. Jibbajaba 181,180

7. Roadrunner 158,840


Current standings:

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count me in on this! I LOVE Truxton!


*of note: Truxton was developed by Toaplan, not Konami


Yeah, sorry. It was originally going to be a Konami game, but that game didn't keep score. I forgot to change the details. I have to wait until I can edit the post before I can fix it.



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