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Another US SHMUP - Akai Katana Shin


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Looks like Rising Star (the folks that brought Dodonpachi Resurrection to Europe) are going to be bringing Akai Katana Shin to both Europe and the US this year!




I've already got the Japanese release, but I'll be sure to support the US release so that it might influence them to localize some of the other releases.


This coupled with the release of Under Defeat HD are making 2012 look like another good year for the genre!

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Site's blocked for me right now--is this going to be a download or a physical release? It's awesome either way, but I hope it's the later.


The article doesn't come out and say, but it's implied that it will be a disk release. It does also mention that they are opening a digital distribution studio as well though, so it's anybody's guess at this point. I'm hoping for a disk release as well. If it's digital only, I'll stick with my JPN version.

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