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Throwing this around...


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Looks great to me! A "sampler" of your work to date would be a great way of demonstrating how the boundaries are being pushed on the Aquarius, graphicswise and soundwise.


I've attached a PNG version of your screenshot, which is a much smaller download than the BMP produced by the emulator:



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It would be easier with a screen editor. Did you send me yours? (For some reason I think you did, but maybe I was dreaming.). I used Photoshop to do this, lined stuff up to the grid and then ran it through the converter, seems like too much work.


I wonder if anybody would want the cart - it isn't a game - but you could show off to your friends. As I built it I would ask people what images and sounds they want on it, etc.


Dunno - it is something I could do anyway...

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You've reminded me that I need to finish the next version of my screen editor. I never released the first version because it's currently in a VERY rough state (I only posted a screenshot), but once the second version is sufficiently polished, I'll put it out there for anyone who's interested in using it. Among other things, it will be able to generate a bankswitched "slideshow" cartridge containing a succession of static images, so you can create "mockups" in the editor and then immediately see how they will look on a real Aquarius.

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