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HMS Raptor


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This is a simple game for one player for the Atari Jaguar games console.


Where did you get the idea for the game?


The game was inspired by the 2600 classic “SeaQuest” – A title chosen by Reboot teammate, Sauron, as a simple game to demonstrate the use of the RAPTOR programming library.


What is HMS RAPTOR? What isn’t it?


HMS RAPTOR isn’t many things. It isn’t ‘pushing the jaguar’ to any great lengths. It isn’t “the second coming of homebrew”. It isn’t “shovelware for sale” and it most certainly isn’t “The best, most efficient code ever created”. The game is not even a good ‘stress test’ for the RAPTOR engine, the Jaguar is barely breaking a sweat running this software.


What this title brings to the table is a simple and fun game, written in easy to read, fully commented source code which clearly documents and illustrates several of the functions and procedures required to use RAPTOR.


Two versions of the binary are available for download – the simple ‘concept version’ which was written in a matter of a few hours, and the ‘slightly polished for release’ version that we spent a bit more time and effort on to make a more complete game.



How do I play HMS RAPTOR?


[CJ's version]

Move the DPAD around until you die or pick something up, then take it to the surface. Or not. It's not that complicated :)


[sh3's version]

Guide your submarine around the depths of the ocean. Collect the divers, avoid the sharks and avoid the enemy submarines. Use your torpedoes to take down the enemy subs and destroy the sharks. Sharks will chase the divers, so be quick! Shoot a shark while he's being chased and he will turn around and head back towards you.


The aim of the game is to collect a full crew of 6 divers and return to the surface. This will advance the level, the game will speed up and more difficult rescues will await you. If you return to the surface with less than a full crew, one diver will exit your sub and allow the air tanks to replenish as long as you remain on the surface – but beware – taking on new air affects your perception and reaction time, when you return to the depths you will find everything appears to move more quickly! Returning to the surface without any crew members sacrifices your sub. So don't do it.


Air – all the time you are below the surface, your air tanks are depleting. If the air runs out you are forced to make an emergency ascent. This will require the use of a crewman and cost you a submarine.


Complete as many levels as you can for a high score.


Will you package and sell HMS RAPTOR?




Why did you make HMS RAPTOR, and how long did it take?


The game exists to demonstrate the library used to make it. Nothing more, nothing less. Please don’t expect to sit back and be playing the likes of AvP when you start it up - if that is what you are expecting you will be disappointed! All told there is about two months of work on show here, but in actual man hours, probably less than a week. During those two months we have been working, living our lives, eating, sleeping and working on other projects (Including the RAPTOR library itself)


Will you be releasing the source code to HMS RAPTOR?


The full source code and assets of this RAPTOR game will be released when the RAPTOR Engine itself is made public in the coming months. The source will feature extensively in the documentation, being the primary example for many of the functions.


NOTE: Uses the U235 Sound Engine under the RAPTOR license application terms of use.


[whoops] Forgot to include the logo!! Fixed [Download replaced] :)


Have fun :)


[EDIT] Fixed the Poulpe!



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Just tried this out. Fun little game! Love the sound and the graphics are nicely done.


I see the # of downloads is higher on the "Concept" version above - people should be sure to download the more complete HMSRU235.ZIP file too!


If I may offer a gameplay suggestion: have the sub "lock in" to shooting in one direction while the fire button is pressed down. Would allow for some more strategic maneuvering :)

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I see the # of downloads is higher on the "Concept" version above - people should be sure to download the more complete HMSRU235.ZIP file too!


The counter reset because I've changed the binary to add a u235 Logo :) (And I have to change it again tonight to fix the black line on the poulpe!)

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Thanks for the comments above :) We have considered doing a few more '2600 homages' in the future, RAPTOR makes them incredibly easy to make (and now we have the rotary code built into RAPTOR.... MultiTap PADDLE GAMES!!!)


However, for now, we are working on other things... but who knows, in a few weeks we might need a diversion again :)

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If I may offer a gameplay suggestion: have the sub "lock in" to shooting in one direction while the fire button is pressed down. Would allow for some more strategic maneuvering :)


I like that idea, we'll give it a go and see how it plays before we release the final version (with Sauron's levels and edits), cheers!


I.think your Raptor give.us.good games in the future


Have you been looking at our svn? ;-) I think we might show what a proper Raptor game can look like at AC 2012 and hopefully Matmook will do the same with the stuff he's been working on as he helps further develop Raptor (and maybe also in the 24 hour coding competition?!). Would be good to see some of the ejagfest regulars make it to AC this year, it really is an amazing, productive event and worth the trip being over 2 days.

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I think we will be making more of these quick & fun games/remakes/whatever you want to call them as it helps keep bigger projects from becomming work-like. As we say on our site & have always said, we're Atari fans not just Jaguar fans & love the games we grew up with on 8-bit machines, the Jaguar is really easy for stuff like this. Sure, some people might think it's not worthy of the system, but also some people are Atari fans first and Jaguar fans second at the best ;-) We'll see what happens when Raptor is released, I imagine if anyone makes use of it this kind of game will be good to start with.

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Already exists a demo of this but not with rotary from what i understand ;)


Hmm, that's possible, but I thought I played it with rotary at an ejagfest, maybe I got confused with something else, I tried a few games I'd never played before at those events.

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I honestly think this will bring Jag coding within the reach of a lot more people, far more so than the release of source for Atari-era games.


The problem with source code from decades ago is that the original developers have long left the scene and forgotten all about it, so there is nobody to ask as your wade your way through poorly commented code. With RAPTOR based games the developers are still on the scene and can provide examples and answer questions. Offering "tech support" is a boon to developers on any platform.

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