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Genesis Knockout HSC Round 2 - Gauntlet IV


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This season, the Genesis HSC is going to participate in the AA-wide knockout competition. See the rules here:




If you get knocked out, you can still compete in the Genesis HSC, but your score will not count towards the knockout tournament. So I'll be posting 2 sets of results for each round.


The second round game, as picked by zylon, is going to be Gauntlet IV.


Title: Gauntlet IV

Developer: M2

Publisher: Tengen

Released: 09/16/1993(US)




Play in Arcade Mode. Do not alter the game settings in any way.


Use all 3 coins. Just press "start" two more times once the game starts. This will gve you a total of 6000 health.


Please don't point press. This means don't just stand in front of a pile of bones and keep blasting the ghosts that come out. Play the game as you normally would if you were trying to beat it.


This round will end on Tuesday, February 7th.




Scores so far:


1. Jifremok 196,601 +9

2. zylon 175,885 +6

3. swlovinist 99,358 +3

4. Jibbajaba 64,430 +1

5. roadrunner 52,695 +1

6. jblenkle 23,299 +1


Current standings:


1. Jifremok 18

2. zylon 7

3. Austin 6

4. swlovinist 4

5. Sonic R 3

6(t). Jibbajaba 2

6(t). Roadrunner 2

8. jblenkle 1


Players still alive in the knockout:


Jifremok 196,601

zylon 175,885

swlovinist 99,358

Jibbajaba 64,430


Sonic R


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That sucks, but it's good news for everyone else, because as long as you all submit scores, no mater how embarassingly bad they are, you're through to the next round.


Sorry Austin. I hope you'll continue to participate as time allows, though.



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I got really lucky, getting extra fight power and extra shot power. But beware the thieves. It goes straight for one of your powerups, and if you kill him and recover the stolen item, it's just a regular potion.

Cool! :thumbsup: Now I'll play some more. :)

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WHOA! I nearly forgot to post my latest score, which I achieved today.196,601.

I'm actually not a fan of Gauntlet; I dismissed it as just an overrated mindless hack-and-slash, and a horribly dated one at that. The music in this one enticed me to go forward anyway, since rocking out is so beneficial to a game like this, and found out about some seriously hidden depth in how the game is played...and that is why I've been able to try again and again. I now think this game's much more...uh, thinky-thinky than most other hack-and-slash games I've yawned my way through.


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